Arm Strength Chest Expander Spring Exerciser with Adjustable Resistance From 30 kgs to 60 kgs Fitness Equipment Body Building Tools




1.EASY & SAFE ADJUSTABLE:With a safety magnetic lock, you can set the resistance from 66,88,111,133 Lbs. This will let you adjust the resistance that match your ability , you can increase the tension as you gain strength Perfect for athletes, gymnastics, MMA, boxing and people that do rock climbing, f
2.ADJUSTABLE HAND EXERCISER KIT: Great trainer tool to develop your grip and build strength in your fingers, wrists ,forearms,rear arms,chest ,shoulder and back. Improve arm flexibility and muscularity Recommended for physical therapy !
3.ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Fit large and small hands, men and women and above 18years teens help them build the health & beautiful life.
4.GRIP STRENGTHENING :Great equipment trainer for anyone who is recovering from hand injury Those who have rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow.
5.BEST ECONOMICAL & EFFECTIVE: Health is No.1, beautiful is No.2 for everyone life.


The two-in-one tensioner and the arm force method are used, and one is equivalent to four, and the carbonized wire spring is more durable.

Weight: 2.4KG
Product Name: Arm Force
Product grade: engineering plastics, carbonized steel wire spring, soft body steel pipe
Recommended crowd: fitness men and women
Material: carbon steel pipe + chrome spring + TPR handle
Adjustable range: 30/40/50/60KG
Single arm length: 23CM
Weight: 2.4kg
Total length of consolidation: 48CM
Handle: 11CM

How to use:
1. The arms are bent and the spring is forced behind the neck.
2. With both arms forward, bend the spring up and relax.
3. Keep your arms close to your chest, bend the springs, then straighten and relax slowly.
4. Stand with your feet apart, bend your right elbow, bend the spring with your left hand, then bend your left elbow and bend the spring with your right hand.
5. With your arms behind you, hold the springs and then straighten down and gradually bend.

1. Please check whether the connection parts of the arm are firm and there is no looseness before use.
2. Please choose the arm that suits your physical level so as not to strain your muscles.
3. When using, put the seat belt on the arm handle on the wrist.
4. It is recommended that children under the age of 12 do not use the arm


Additional information

Weight 5.52 lbs
Dimensions 19.69 × 10.24 × 1.97 in


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